Children are not only the future, but the very soul of a nation. They need to be loved, cared and supported for strong mental and
physical growth. Every child, whether born to a poor or rich Person, has needs for survival and development. It is the responsibility of
the society to allocate resources for the holistic development of every child.

Not Every Child Enjoyes Childhood

Many children are forced to work as child labour.  Some are engaged in  rag picking and while some others are working as domestic help. Cases of child abuse and neglect are very common. The innocence of a child is exploited by unscrupulous elements, who force him in criminal activities, such as theft, stealing, drug traffickers etc. Such engagement of a child deprives him of his childhood.

Right to education of a child

Right to education, is a fundamental right of every child. To provide this, ambitious programme of educating every child was undertaken under ‘Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan’. Yet, many children remain out of school, due to various reasons.

'SEDC' an Initiative

Society for equal dignity of children(SEDC), initiated different projects for the out of school children, to empower them with education and  transform them from being ignorant to awakened citizens.Various action plans of SEDC have contributed to ameliorating the conditions of less privileged children living slums.